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Echobox launches Echobox Family

Echobox launches Echobox Family

As you may have heard, this spring we will be launching Echobox Family! For the first time, Echobox listeners will be able to become formal members of the station and help support everything we do.

This is a really important step in our journey as a station. The revenue from the membership fees will help to keep the station running, reimburse staff for their hard work and work towards being able to compensate our makers for the first time! This is a big step towards us becoming financially independent and to able to keep improving and growing for years to come.

For a fee of €4.99 a month, Family will receive:

Early access to the archive (7 days before regular listeners)

Early access + discount to events and merch

Exclusive annual events

A family-only Zine

A monthly newsletter keeping you up to date with everything going on at Echobox Radio

Family FM – the chance to submit mixes for our Sunday broadcast

Helping to keep Echobox going

40% of your monthly fee will go directly to our makers, allowing us to reimburse them for their hard work for the first time. 30% will go to our team, to help them continue to produce and promote everything we do, and the remaining 30% will contribute to the everyday running and maintenance of our studio.

Echobox is proud to give a platform to alternative and counter-cultural sounds and voices that are often excluded from mainstream platforms. Sadly, it is often difficult to monetise and support such intiatives.

By developing our community and becoming financially independent we can continue to do what we do best, making great, independent radio that champions the alternative and counter-cultural, sustainably for years to come.

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